What are some really good reliable sources for the Achaemenid period of the Persian Empire?

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I’m doing research for school on the Achaemenid period of the Persian Empire and I am having hard time finding information. So any suggestive reading or documentaries on this topic would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know who one of the leading archaeologist in the Achaemenid period is? Or what is the main organization that researches Persian history?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks :D

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here you go:
some of the culturals, believes and traditions of ancient persians were:

1- king were considered to be gods and none had the right to defy or object them

2- it was very popular to marry their own sisters, mothers and doughters among ancient persians. it was even considered to be a holy deed, but in fact mostly because of economic reasons:


all of the easterners have mutual opinion about this. for example professor Dr. Arthur Christensen.

3- they were worshiping fire as zartoshtism ordered:


(nowaday there are so few azeris remaining in remote rural places and almost all of the people in azerbaijan are turks).

4- they were raiding all their sorundings as far as they could harming people as every one knows and even according to their own cornices:


of course there were also good points in that civilization, for example through the references above it is clear that they had a complex socity with lots of rules and laws and social levels with an econimic system more than to be considered simple, this is a little weird for an ancient socity. they probabely connected with those sumerian, it dates them at least 1500 years before aryan immigration even begins!

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