Why Persian history is being forgotten?


As we see the greek history which is related to Persians is more being seen than Persian history! why are we forgotten?




I think Persian history are not being forgotten but it seems the history just a history and we just make it as a rules to build a better life in a future. ( like to play ‘Prince of Persian’).. hehehe.

brian t

Persian history is being forgotten? I have to disagree with that. I think there is still alot that we can learn from the early Persians that archeology is still revealing.

If your referring to the narratives from the Persian wars against the Greeks, the dominant narratives that tells us about the Persian wars are from the Greeks themselves. There are biases in the Greek narratives – ie Herodotus, but these are sifted out by true historians.

But I think that the narratives of a absolute monarchy (Persia)against the free-loving democratic societies (Greeks) is something which other Greek tragedy writers such as Aeschylus tell us about – and does appeal to modern democractic societies.

Persian history is not forgotten but the Greek narratives are so dominant. We have to wait until more sources are unearthed by archeologists on Persian accounts of the wars.


because we are foolish people and we learn more from many historys , so we must don’t forget these historys.

you think so?


Because, according to ancient Greek historians, the Persians were barbarians who only wanted to wreak havoc on the Greek homeland! lol. Just kidding (though they did say that). I think it is becuase we have so much information about Classical Greek history and they made so many developments (democracy, philosophy, the works of Homer, the building of the Parthenon, etc) that they are still studied in depth today.


Laurence F has his facts a little screwed up. The greeks were just as creul to each other. When Athens defeated a little city in 400′s BC, he had all of the women and children slaghtered and sold all the men as slaves. Not the only time that happened either. As for the whipping of the water, that is considered to be a figurative statement. He didn’t ACTUALLY whip the water, but he was angry enough to demand that something be done. The greeks were just as creul, if not more so, throughout their own areas. Think of Sparta and Athens and the trouble they stirred up and the autrocities they preformed. The persians were not worse than the greeks.


Because scarcely any Persians bothered to write about it. There’s the Bisutun inscription of Darius, and then – well, not much.
It’s probably compounded these days by the Islamic Republic – everything before Islam conquest is just Jahliya – the ignorance.


Don’t worry, history never forgets, it can’t, it is inherant in its existance…..

… you see history is the process of recording major world events….so the mere act of recording these events immortalize them…

Persian history will not be forgotten, but you hear about Greek history more often simply for the fact that no other culture has effected life as we know it like the Greeks… We owe the Greeks for Rights and Freedoms.. democracy.. philosophy… science..athletics..and so many other things that revolutionized how we live…

You see persia has a long history… and a good one… but really there is no comparison…. Greece history is richer, the influence Greece has had overshadows persias history, and the Greek culture has been a light to the world, we cant say the same for Persia… Greeks valued Intellect, Strength, Good looks, and Courage, the best of humanity.. persia valued luxury, slavery and overindulgance.

not only Greeks but Persians and all people of the world have to recognise and praise the Ancient Greeks as their forfathers who have given them all that is good in our world today…….

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